Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fishing at the Spokane cabin

The private catch and release pond at Spokane has developed into a beautiful little ecosystem. Since building it about ten years ago, fish have been added and fed with consistency. Lunch sized paper bags filled with floating fish food are left for each guest to toss out. This is completely optional and provided to help keep the fish strong and allow the guests to see what is lurking under the surface. For the most part, channel catfish, hybrid bluegill, and large mouth bass occupies the pond. However, a perch might find it's way on to your hook. Worms work great, but many guests have used their own concoction to wrangle a seven pounder in. As the seasons change, so does the fishing in the pond. During the warmer months, April - October, the fish are much more active and make for a much better time fishing in the pond. That doesn't mean they won't bite year round, it may just take a little longer to get a nibble. View more Spokane photos and amenities here: www.beaversbendlogcabins.com/spokane.htm

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