Friday, January 10, 2014

Choosing a Rental Cabin Near Beavers Bend, Oklahoma

Water's Edge outdoor fire pit
It's been a few years, but an article I wrote for Ezinearticles would make a great blog post for those thinking about visiting the Beavers Bend or Broken Bow, Oklahoma areas. When I wrote it, there were substantially less cabins built, or being built. Since we became owners and managers of our two cabins, new developments and areas designated for rental cabins have been popping up. With the expansion and addition of new cabins, comes new questions and concerns. Still, the most concern potential guest's have is how close their cabin is to another cabin, road, or house.

While we advertise our cabins as secluded, the truth is, what one person might consider private and secluded may not be to another. For instance, our cabins are on two acres of land. From either of our cabins, depending on the amount of leaves on the trees, you can see two to three other cabins. These are anywhere from 120 to 150 yards away. This is rare for the area, as most cabins are built on one acre or less. We have never had a guest question our marketing of either cabin as secluded, but rather thank us for not deceiving them. Some interested in renting have asked if there is a property that that stands alone. One where they can not see or be seen by another cabin, house, or renter. Now, this is extremely rare for the Beavers Bend area. With the price of real estate at a premium, very few investors or potential cabin owners will pay this much for land just to build one cabin. And if they did, it would be more of a lodge, accomodating 20 or more guests.

However, as of Jan. 1 2014, our management company has added the Seclusion cabin. Even though we call it a cabin, it's more of a mix between a rock ranch style house and a cabin. It is one of the most secluded properties in the Beavers Bend area. If you are planning a trip to the area, follow this link to an Ezinearticle article. It may give you a few pointers on choosing where you want to stay.,-Oklahoma&id=3859173

View from Seclusion's front porch. Seclusion is located on 20 private acres

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