Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keeping it in the Family

When we decided to move to the Beavers Bend area, it was based mainly on the upkeep of our rental cabins. For three years now, we have managed, cleaned, repaired, and basically done everything ourselves relating to our properties. At first, we felt it would be overwhelming to take on every aspect of our business, but quickly learned how important it truly is. Since we own both properties, we are always trying to make them perfect for any and all guests. There is rarely a day goes by that something, big or small, could or should be done at one of the cabins. For instance, I cut, split, and season all firewood for the indoor fireplaces. Without properly cut and seasoned wood, an indoor fire typically turns into a frustrating experience. If poison ivy should appear, I am there to spray or remove it before it spreads. We also check all dishes, flatware, and utensils prior to putting them in their proper place. Simple, but important things like this can make a huge difference in a guests stay. Doing it ourselves may take more time and effort, but at least it gets done properly and makes our guests happy. By the number of return guests and word of mouth recommendations, we believe it is well worth it.

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