Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chigger prevention the natural way.

Every year, some more severe than others, chiggers make their presence known. This is not done by chirping, jumping, or flying, since they do none of these. Rather, they make themselves known by burrowing themselves into your skin. By the time you realize you have been used as a new home for the itchy little scoundrels, it's too late. Chiggers hang out on grass and weeds and are virtually invisible to the naked eye. They will not make you sick or kill you. However, they can and WILL make you itch. In the Beavers Bend area, chiggers are abundant. Visitors should come prepared to prevent the miniscule mites from turning their vacation into a potential scratching marathon.

There are several ways to help prevent chiggers from attacking. If using harsh chemicals, such as deet does not appeal to you, there is a product called Best Yet. It is a 10% cedar oil and 90% hydrated silica. We have used it for several months with great success. Not only does it prevent chiggers, but mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and many more trouble makers. Whether you use a deet based repellant or a natural one, always wash off after being out in the woods or grass. Chiggers will hang out in your clothes for a period of time, so remember to shake or brush off your clothes, especially socks, prior to putting them back on. Preventing these pesky guys from chewing into your skin will be the best thing you can do on any trip to the outdoors.

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